Groceries: How to Shop Small and Make Change

Groceries: How to Shop Small and Make Change

Groceries Photo 1 I don’t know that people always realize the power they have when it comes to…well anything, but in this case I’m referring to the local economy. When your neighbor is doing well, when you are doing well, when businesses are doing well, we all benefit. by “well”, I am referring to something as simple as spending time at your local park, volunteering for a cause that is important to you, and/or buying your kid his new school outfit at the local uniform store. I don’t always realize the benefits of shopping local or playing local until recently. Read More »

Our #ShopSmall Movement: Day 1

Our #ShopSmall Movement: Day 1

Welp…I suck!

Let me start by saying how much I love pens. I have 3 very obvious obsessions if you know me.

  1. Jewelry (the more the merrier)
  2. Pens (the really thin point ones or calligraphy – i was born in the wrong time.)
  3. Magazines (don’t bend my pages!!)

Does this make me uber odd? Fine, I’ll take it.

I woke up this morning excited about going to the library to do some research and realized i didn’t have any of my pens. I can’t doodle or jot down randomness without a pencil or a thin pen!! The problem with this is I can’t just go to CVS or damn Walgreens to get my bloody pens.

It is 7:30am. I am so hungry my ribs are touching. There isn’t anything to eat of interest in my home and there aren’t any stinkin’ pens in my laptop book bag.

I got in the car to look for a diner before I head to the library. I passed 5 Mcdonalds. I don’t eat there often anyway, but on this day I would have stopped to get a mcmuffin. As I passed these perfectly fine breakfast places, I look for a Florida version of a bodega. If you are from the north, you’ll know what I’m referring to. If you aren’t, just think a mom and pop version of CVS. There are no mutha friggin bodegas in Florida! Bodegas always have pens or at the very least a 2 pack of pencils that I could sharpen with my cute little red sharpener.

I decided to forgo the pen and just get my egg sandwich from tower deli and diner in Fort Lauderdale, fl. I think my lesson is to consider what I’ll need for the next day, but I have another idea I’ll share with you later.

I finally get to the library, get settled and realize my time of the month has just rung the alarm. As you may have guessed based on the morning I’ve had I was not prepared for it. I had to buy tampax from the corner store. I felt a little bit better about it because it was a corner store, but still…I had already found a small company that makes tampons and maxi pads. My best friend reminded me about toxic shock syndrome when I mentioned I was getting tampons from a smaller company and not tampax. I assume she believes that unless you are large manufacturer, you are not as safe. I wonder if a lot of people have this school of thought. I did the research on the syndrome (read here)( Needless to say, it does not occur often and any products that do cause it have been pulled off the shelf.

I did get pens from the corner store, as well.

I have talked nothing of food yet. I’ll share my first experience at the farm.

Questions? Thoughts? Ready to #shopsmall?