How Can Tech Innovations Help Social Good?

How Can Tech Innovations Help Social Good?

There is some cool shit going on in the world.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started researching tech innovations for social good. I would call myself a do-gooder; I do good, but this world of tech innovation devoted to helping communities, developing solutions, and creating gadgets is extraordinary.

Personally, it’s encouraging to see! You know how it is when we lose connection with our purpose (and that’s a whole other conversation here), but here are other do-gooders doing their thing! And they’re succeeding!

Here are the top 3 tech innovations according to Mashable from the past year:

The 20-cent paper toy that can help diagnose diseases:

This paper device that acts as a whirligig toy helps doctors diagnose illnesses. No electricity required.

Stanford Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, Manu Prakash, developed Paperfuge, the hand-powered centrifuge that was inspired by the whirligig toy. It hold blood samples on the paper disk and by pulling the strings, it spins the samples fast enough to separate blood from plasma, preparing them for disease testing.

The soft robot sleeve that can restart a failing heart:

Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital researchers created this soft robot sleeve to wrap around a failing heart, squeeze it, and promote blood flow throughout the body. Though this innovation is still in the testing stages, the goal is to help the 41 million who are affected by heart failure.

A cardboard drone for humanitarian aid:

Otherlab is an engineering research and development lab in San Francisco. In 2017 they developed what is called the world’s most advanced industrial paper airplane. “The cardboard gliders are made with a biodegradable material and equipped with GPS and other electronics, allowing them to be dropped by a plane and deliver two pounds of life-saving materials without needing to be retrieved.”

By increasing productivity, decreasing waste, and empowering individuals with capacities that they wouldn’t have otherwise, tech innovations help social good.

Here is your call-to-action: Research it yourself.

You are a do-gooder. See what other do-gooders are doing. Be encouraged, you are not alone. And if you ever wanna talk, let’s talk.

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