Managing Director

I love people, and my life’s work is making it happen for people. The “it” isn’t really up to me, but what is up to me is the ability to provide people with a greater capacity to do their i”t” and that is what being the Project Management agency for our clients is all about. I do this work because bringing together really amazing people to work on incredible projects with the common goal to make “it” happen is like nothing I’ve ever known. I am proud to work with the team at The Idea, Inc. who each have their own “it” and uses that to support our client’s dream while living out their own.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to hear about your idea soon,
Ebonni Chrispin


Marketing & Operations Coordinator 

Rebekah Bibee brings together the teams, schedules, and goals to get IT done.

We start with your vision and from there, Rebekah finds the experts, sets the appointments, and introduces the strategic partners to create memorable, impactful experiences and initiatives.

We couldn’t do our jobs without total collaboration. Some might say it’s like herding cats, so it’s a good thing Rebekah also has extensive experience being a cat mom.