Celebrating Reflection

I just want to take a cliche moment to celebrate life.

There is much to reflect on: the year is coming to a close, September was Suicide Awareness month, America has had more mass shootings than days in the year, the holiday season official begins with Halloween, and our business is on a turning point.

In the center of it all is the happenings of life, and I want to take a moment to appreciate and remember it. Life is at the center of The Idea Inc., from my team members to our partners and clients – we are all living purposefully. We are looking to be fulfilled and help others reach their purpose as well, in some way or another. That is what makes me work so hard and why we are so unique. We’re not tooting our horn about how great we are, we are pressing to you how necessary we are.

Necessary, indispensable management is more than just a tagline. It is a simple way of saying we are striving to be the solution that communities and society need. We are not perfect, but we are driven. It is more about our idealism than the company doings itself. The fact that we believe that everyone has the capability within themselves to do something greater, to go farther than where they are right now and push others to exceed the statute of limitations. Eat, work, and play is not enough. We aim to be consumed by everything, thrive at meeting our goals, and motivate the world to see a brighter light within the shadows.

I know my rhetoric may seem a little idealistic and magical, but we know about hard work – you don’t make dreams come true with fairy dust. Its with blood, sweat, tears, and a little wit that get past our breaking points to success.

So take a minute to reflect on your year and your life, and celebrate your time. Even if you are in a place that you don’t necessarily want to be, you are a place that can be improvement. Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world and the pride an joy a little island called Jamaica – is training to break his own record. Some may say, he’s already the fastest man in the world, but a person with real purpose will understand the notion of no satisfaction. That is, “I am satisfied with the satisfaction that is never satisfied.” (Anonymous). It is a bit of a tongue twister, but its basically saying challenging us to always improve. Not just for the betterment of ourselves, but also for society – and those who are coming after us.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, was recently a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Below is a link to a video of what he did on the show, and why it is so important not to take our only life and work for granted. Because we are the ones who inspire others to be.

Usain Bolt may have just lost his title:


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Danielle Stephenson
I am a Jamaican born, North Carolina bred southern lady. I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014 with a a degree in Management and Society as well as English.

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