Company Culture as a Social Entrepreneur

Company Culture as a Social Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, starting a new venture brings means identifying purposeful direction, profit opportunities, and people. People to manage the vision, people to deeply connect with and people who have like minded missions or can benefit from your mission.

Developing a company culture when it is a one woman show seemed necessary when i started idea, but who has time for warm and fuzzy-soft sell stuff when you have services to sell and people to benefit?

It doesn’t seem necessary and it seemed like another distraction which for any entrepreneur can be your kryptonite.

To me, however, company culture meant the spoken and unspoken ways a group of people identify with one another. If when it was just me i didn’t get my insecurities and weaknesses in check i would not have a group of people to call a team, nor would i have a viable – purposeful, profitable, centered around the people – business.

Developing a company culture may not have been the number two focus or even the 32nd item on the old to do list, but taking one hour a week or even monthly to consider my shortcomings and how i envisioned the company moving forward, there would be no roadmap for when the team did come on board.

And man was i excited when the opportunity to hire arose.

Now culture is not always something you can steer, but your personality, fears, crazy habits and strengths, as the company’s founder or leader, does create social cues and politics within teams.

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