Do Not Buy Holiday Gifts

Do Not Buy Holiday Gifts

Rebekah has me writing blogs like an indentured servant. I’m kidding. Sort of. I love writing. One of the reasons I enjoy it is because I get to really explore the part of me that is blunt. And in a world where people can sometimes like you to sugarcoat, this is a good outlet.

The title of this blog is not click bait. I want to make a case for not spending money on holiday gifts.

I want to preface the following with a note.

I will probably buy a few gifts this year because I love to buy gifts. It is not my love language or anything. It is just fun for me to pick fun gifts for people I would do anything for. With that said, if you do not have money or if the $300 – $1000 you would spend on gifts could go towards a home, a great trip for you and/or paying off a credit card…

Here is why you should not buy holiday gifts.

  1. Written letters are all the rage- I love to write. I love the feeling of a pen in my hand. I love thinking about my words and conveying how I feel to people. I like beautiful pens. I love sharpening pencils. I love choosing great paper. You will spend a bit of money, but a heartfelt letter goes a long way.
  2. People understand budget- Type a nice email to your loved ones and say, “I am saving for a house this year. While I’d love to buy each of you a wonderful gift, I need to put money into savings and paying off debt.” Unless your family members don’t have a soul, everyone will love you for it and maybe slide you a few bucks.
  3. Cook Holiday Dinner or Help with Holiday Dinner- If you put raisins in potato salad, don’t be the only cook. They won’t tell you, but it isn’t that good. I’m kidding. Sort of. If you are a good cook, cook instead of buying a bunch of gifts. Tell your family the #2 reason and your gift will be your holiday dinner. It will cost a few bucks but go in with your cousins.
  4. The feeling of Gift Giving Only Last for a Moment- Yes, it feels good for 3 minutes and then you have January, bills to pay and who needs that stress.

Give the gift that keeps on giving: your well-being. From someone who knows, savings is better.

If you must give a gift, remember that giving is amazing, but YOU are what people love. Your presence is the present. I know it sounds lame, but think about the feeling you have when you are around whomever you call family. For most of us, those loved ones are the gift and you’re the gift too.

Happy Holidays.

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