Do You Need Idea Management?

Do You Need Idea Management?

The Idea, Inc. has four main services:

  • Idea Management
  • Administration Accountability
  • Event Management + Programming
  • Marketing + Communications Campaign

We define idea management as the following: Everything begins with an idea. But everything ends with inaction. Our team bridges that gap with research, structure, and a clear path to your goal. And that’s when the work begins.

Idea Management most often is partnered with one of our other services. If we are bridging the gap between an idea and action with research and strategy, most often we are also hired to execute the action. Makes sense, right?

For example, one of our favorite idea management contracts has been with Nancy Siegel Consulting (you can read the behind-the-scenes here)!

Nancy Siegel has been working as an educational consultant for the past 20 years and during one of her leadership workshops at a school, she asked a group of women teachers to raise their hands if they considered themselves leaders. To her astonishment, none of the teachers – who are currently shaping the minds of the next generation – raised their hands. And in her mind, as it should be in everyone’s mind, that was/is a problem.

Nancy started looking for a way to help women to become and to believe that they are leaders in their own lives and in other’s, and through searching the idea for Lead, Women was born. Though The Idea, Inc. eventually worked out communication campaigns and helped manage an event for Lead, Women, our initial contract was set to help Nancy take her passions – mindfulness, women, and teaching leadership – and bring them to fruition.

What that looked like could have taken many different forms. But two or three, 75-minute sessions later and combining Nancy’s passion and Eb’s expertise, Lead, Women took the form of an online community. And then about a month later, the Lead, Women Facebook group was set up!

And that’s it!

Well, not really as we worked out the marketing, outreach, management, strategy, and all of the things that have to do with building a community brand. But the moral of the story is that sometimes you just need someone (ie The Idea, Inc.) to walk you through building the bridge between your brilliant idea and your brilliant business.

If that’s you, or someone you know, email us asap!



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