Event Management + Programming

Event Management + Programming

The majority of our projects are from event management + programming clients.

According to Wikipedia, event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions.

While that is most certainly true, at The Idea, Inc. we specialize in developing, organizing, and executing events that focus on community. We plan, strategize and organize community-driven programming and initiatives. We focus on creating custom solutions that will expand your reach and positively impact and influence the communities around us.

Our newest client, Chrispin + Crane focuses on reframing dialogue and changing culture through pop-up events.

In February, we helped plan, manage, and execute their inaugural event, 11 Things I Can Learn From a Sex Worker. Initially, C+C wanted to tackle the frightening 2018 statistic from CDC that said there are 2.3 million new cases of STIs and that Miami Dade and Broward are top of the list of counties. As planning moved forward, the event evolved into a forum where people could talk about anything and everything regarding sex, STIs, and shame and listen to raw unadulterated insight from professionals working in various sex-related industries.

“Just like your sexuality is not just about who you are attracted to or the act of sex – it’s how you relate to others, how you show up, and who you are at your core – 11 Things I Can Learn From a Sex Worker is more than just tips and tricks on how to supercharge your sex life,” says Chasity Chandler, event speaker and CEO of the Center for Sexual Health and Wellness. “It is
also designed to equip you with tools to communicate more effectively with partner(s) and help instill more confidence at the core of who you are.”

This. This is the kind of client and event that we live for: There is a problem 👉🏽The client sees the problem 👉🏽Client talks about the problem 👉🏽The Idea, Inc. helps transition the client from talk to action.

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