I Have to Be Nice to You, but You Suck as a Client

I Have to Be Nice to You, but You Suck as a Client

I am going to be honest with you. I really love your mission. When we first met a year ago, I thought, “Wow! What an amazing project!” It is a dream come true and they pay us to do the work we do. You were so funny and it was so clear about what you wanted us to accomplish for you. Those first few meetings really inspired our work.

And then the truth comes out. It always does. You’re human. Your quirks and the reason you needed a team like ours became abundantly clear. People do not want to work with us because they have it all together. You started working with us because you wanted expert advice on business management, event production, and community engagement.

But the truth is you just wanted people on the ground to carry out your mission. I apologize for sounding militant, but that is what we did for you.

We planned the events. We contacted the elected officials. We developed the strategy and worked with your other consultants. You don’t return emails and then get upset when the task is not complete. I am a little pissed, but the truth is we gave literally blood, sweat, and tears.

To say, the experience was fruitful would be accurate. We did great work, but the truth is, I was looking forward to the end. I cannot speak for other team members, but while the work we did benefited the community, I wish that at the end of the contract there was at least a glimpse of appreciation on your part. We don’t need a pat on the back, but sometimes a pat is what’s needed to restore the relationship – especially based on the level of work and results we produced for you and your mission.

It was a learning experience and you sucked as a client.


I can’t tell you what I really think

[I’ll never send this letter and they’ll never know it was them, but man, does it feel good to put pen to paper and say the REAL.]

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