I’m Scared

I’m Scared

I wanted to say all the right things in all the right ways to get you to understand why I started this business and why you should care. I may be a bit dramatic here, but putting yourself out there, whether in a relationship, a new gig, a promotion, or, in my case, launching a business, is damn hard. The truth is set out to have a business because I wanted to bring people together.

I know…pretty anti-climatic, but that is my shtick. I thought doing it via business was a good idea. People have a ton of good ideas that go nowhere or start successful businesses and forget why they wanted to do it in the first place.

Why not start a business where you stick with what you’re good at or what you love?

I then do all of the day to day stuff you don’t really want to do, cheer you on when all of your good ideas hit the fan and leap to my feet when you just want your very own standing ovation. I want people to work together in a fun environment. I want more people to spend time doing what they love and feel secure doing so. I want people to be able to build wealth, save the extra money they made from their little idea that could, enjoy what they do, at least 80% of the time and maybe be of service to people and causes that are near and dear to them. I want people to know that, in and of itself, no book, person, or company is going to really make “the work” work.

It is the coming together of different people’s time, talent, and resources that will make it all work!

In theory, this all sounds really good, but then reality sets in and I wonder if I can, if I care, or if it matters. I’m scared everything I dream of will fall on deaf ear. I’m scared my dreams will leave me in a sudden state of disappointment and the rug I was floating on will be ripped from under me. I’m scared i’ll fail. I imagine you have felt this, too: scared shitless, but gone too far down the dream road to turn back now.
I had plans for a big ‘ol launch. I mean full on bells and whistles. It was going to be great!! I decided, instead, to let the “launch” be what business has really been for me: “the truth about a good idea”. Well, the truth as I see it, anyway. The launch will also be filled with ideas, images, and sneak peaks into businesses from other people who know the truth about their good idea.

What have you seen, done, or witnessed that gives the down and dirty, whole truth about great ideas and good business? Sometimes the truth means you are wading in murky waters. It’s icky. Sometimes the truth is filled with unabashed enjoyment. It’s fun. Sometimes, (dare I say, most of the time), your ideas that turn into businesses or great causes is everything in between.

For now and for me the truth is… I don’t know that I can do all that I dream and this may not work in the ways I would have imagined, but I’ve got nothin’ else better to do than to try. And by “try” I mean be the one that lives as hard and as fun, as I was born to live. I am sure I will fail from time to time, but what I, (and maybe you), are doing in life means more than fears.

Here’s it is… the idea, inc. Is a company full of “left from center” people who start with a cool idea and make it a business because they wanted to be of service, support their lifestyle, and put their experience, passion and knowledge to good use. If you are on your own road wondering how it will look or if you’ll be able to do all the things you need and want to do, join me. Of course, I’m not sure where “we” are headed, but i’ll write on this blog thing every week and lend my knowledge, experience, and resources to you. You’ll read everything from the interpersonal changes and choices one has to make when doing something like this to the case for why and how you should spend more time in front of people and less time on Facebook.

So, it’s your queue. What do you know for sure about any good idea?


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