Judithann Gardine: A Case Study

Judithann Gardine: A Case Study

The Client: Mrs. Judithann Gardine is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves her family. She wrote a children’s book for her grandson with a plan to continue writing

The Purpose: Mrs. Judithann had two ultimate purposes:  One purpose is to leave a legacy for our oldest grandchild by writing a story about him.  The other purpose is to write and publish a popular children’s book.

The Idea: The Playdate – a children’s book about how to treat others, motivated by the author’s grandson.

The Problem: “There were several reasons that prevented me from taking on my idea.  I needed an illustrator who was willing to work with someone else’s’ drawings.  After being presented with an illustrator, I had no idea what to do after the illustrations were complete.  I felt a professional would know how to have my book printed, published, copyrighted, and sold.  I was very busy with other things and really did not have the time or knowledge to go to the next step.”

The Work: Mrs. Judithann wanted The Idea, Inc. to help with the printing, publishing, and copyright and with placing my book in stores.

This was implemented through a business plan that incorporated steps for researching printers, the process for copyrighting, and sales calls for product placement in local stores catered to children in the Orlando area, where our client is located.

The Results:
Working with The Idea, Inc., Mrs. Judithann has been able to:
1. Have the first ever batch of The Playdate printed.
2. Copyright application submitted and processing.
3. A distinguished publisher has viewed it.
4. Two book signings – one at a bookstore with copies sold.
5. The Playdate has also been donated to two school libraries.

Client Revelations:
I have adjusted my expectations for the book.  I have a good story with good illustrations and my book should sell more than I expected.  (However, if it does not I shall not be disappointed because I pursued my dream for the story.)  I realized that I am more interested in leaving a legacy of a book for each of our grandchildren than I am about doing a series or shortening the story.

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