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I love people, and my life’s work is making it happen for people. The “it” isn’t really up to me, but what is up to me is the ability to provide people with a greater capacity to do their i”t” and that is what being the Project Management agency for our clients is all about. I do this work because bringing together really amazing people to work on incredible projects with the common goal to make “it” happen is like nothing I’ve ever known. I am proud to work with the team at The Idea, Inc. who each have their own “it” and uses that to support our client’s dream while living out their own.

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Ebonni Chrispin


Chief of People and Culture

Gilbert Anthony Chrispin has spent over 15 years as a human resources specialist, consultant, and organizational development expert. His life’s mission is to help people become effective leaders and better humans.  In doing so, Gilbert has forged a unique perspective on sustaining organizational structures while also carving the way to the necessary, sometimes incremental changes across departments. 

Gilbert graduated from Trinity College in Chicago, Illinois in 2002 with a double major in Business Management and Human Resources. Following his time in Chicago, he returned home and started his management career with Enterprise Rent A Car and later served as an educator with Miami Dade County Public Schools for 3 years; until he was recruited to work in the health and human services sector as a HR specialist in Memphis, Tennessee. In addition to his roles at companies like Odyssey Health, Gentiva Health and Shelby Residential & Vocational Services, Gilbert acted as the human services specialist at start up agencies across the southern region of the US.  During his time in Memphis, Gil co-founded Mi-Me Bath & Body, a beauty and skincare company that has had their products featured in Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, Nylon and Refinery 29.

Gil currently serves as a Senior HR Compliance Specialist at Broward County Schools where he is one of only three specialists investigating discrimination and sexual harassment complaints for the 6th largest school district in the country.  Additionally, Gil is the co-founder and creative director of Chrispin + Crane (C+C), a new media company focused on reframing dialogue and changing culture.  In Chrispin + Crane’s relative short existence, Gilbert and his co-founder developed a partnership with the City of Miramar to bring the city it’s first outdoor winter film series. Additionally, his work at C+C lead to him writing and publishing the “My Kinda Sex Workbook”, a tool specifically designed to help people of all ages better tap into and communicate their sexual needs and desires.  This workbook served as the blueprint for C+C’s renowned “11 Things I can Learn From a Sex Worker” conference and workshop and subsequent follow-up brunch held in the Fort Lauderdale area.  

Gilbert currently holds a seat on the Avanse Ansam board of directors, a South Florida organization creating a movement that engages Haitian American Millennials in crafting a shared agenda for the advancement of the Haitian community  & increasing Haitian American Millennials volunteerism, commitment, connectivity, and investment in the Haitian Community in South Florida & in Haiti.

As recently as November of 2019, Gilbert was one of the brains behind creating a small investment house specifically targeting minorities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and other traditionally underserved and disregarded groups. The aim of this venture is to educate these groups of people on the power of establishing a collaborative dollar, ditching the buy a job mindset, and embracing the concept of building wealth from scratch by embracing the concepts of patience and sacrifice.

When he isn’t working or spending time with his family, you can find him fervently devouring the pages of a Monocle or Courier magazine, somewhere on a tennis court working intensely on his backhand, on his balcony contemplating how to improve his quality of life, planning his next getaway and trying to find new and interesting ways to champion, love and appreciate his beautiful wife Ebonni. 

Gilbert Anthony Chrispin