Urban League Broward: Women of the League

Urban League Broward: Women of the League

A few weeks ago, I spoke at the Urban League of Broward County’s Women’s Brunch and it was an absolute pleasure.

A friend through New Leaders Council, sent me a message a few weeks prior to let me know Urban League was doing a panel on women empowerment and to ask if I could talk about business and spirituality.

I’ll talk more about business and spirituality later, but what I love about building strong relationships is it provides you with an opportunity to speak on behalf of your organization’s mission, goal and your purpose. It gets a message out there that may benefit even one person, and maybe thousands.

I realize that talking about networking is a trigger. It excites the hell out of some, while making others cringe. Either way, I want to share the power networking lends to you, your organization and the issues that matter to you. It also provides your new and even old business with strategic partnerships.

For those that shudder at the thought of networking, let me spill a little tea about the experience with Urban League of Broward County. When the friend called me, she knew if I was available, I would be there for her. I would also be speaking on a panel with other colleagues and friends that I’ve known for quite some time. It means that I am talking about The Idea, Inc. in a way that allows people to know we run a tight ship: organized, very exciting, interesting and sometimes out of the box programming, marketing and events that support nonprofits, government agencies and social enterprises. I’ve been doing this work for over 10 years and cannot say enough how important it is to be connected with someone like my friend who can call you up and say hey we’d love you to speak!

With all of that said, our goal as a company is to carry out the mission which is to build and bridge strong communities.

Last week, I had an experience where I realized some communities do not have the same access to money and resources as other communities. Partnering with organizations like Urban League, New Leaders Council, Broward County Cultural Division, ArtServe, Housing Authority of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Housing Authority of Dania Beach, and others provides support to our clients that help people get access to the type of resources that will support engaged communities and organizations. You being comfortable and excited about networking helps your cause. We plan events, write grants, provide the structure and day-to-day operations for businesses so they can carry out their mission. If for whatever reason you can’t work with us or want to build that kind of infrastructure within your company, a key step is being comfortable with networking. It doesn’t have to be all business-y. It is about building authentic, real relationships with people who you know you can trust and who can trust you.

Please feel free to ask me some questions. We love answering questions that help people build the kind of foundation that we have built as a company.

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