Who Knew You’d Be a Friend and a Godsend

Who Knew You’d Be a Friend and a Godsend

Rebekah wanted me to talk about throwing a Christmas party for your staff, but I think that’s lame. I want to talk about Rebekah.

I am a sap.

I had an up and down year professionally. It has been said that we learn our greatest lessons through our health, our money/work or our relationships. It can vary throughout our experiences and life, but I have always experienced my hardships through work. I think a part of it is not feeling worthy of good. Not too much of it anyway. I like to put a cap on it. Not knowing how to accept that all is well has been a long road I would not put on my worst enemy…if I had enemies. I’ve been working since I was 14. If you count business ideas in my youth or babysitting, it was 9 or 10, but I started bagging groceries at Winn-Dixie on Blanding Blvd in Orange Park, FL. I have the best memories of it actually.

I see money in such a weird way in that unless I earned it and worked my ass into the ground for it, it feels weird to accept it. It has been years of turmoil around this “lesson” that I don’t think I need to keep learning.

Last year, right before Christmas I hired Rebekah. She is quirky, funny, sharp and kind. She is also an old soul and doesn’t really take shit from anyone…including me. You can tell she cares how people perceive her, but don’t cross her, honey or she will come for that throat. I LOVE IT!!!

In her interview, she had the qualities I needed in the position. She also knew who Ahsoka Tano was which for me solidified it for me. A colleague said, “If she has what you want in the marketing areas needed, hire her.” I did.

Tomorrow, December 21st we celebrate our first Christmas party together. I adore her. I bought her gifts and taking her for a yummy meal. I pray she knows what a gift she is and wherever life may take her in the coming years as she grows in her career, I pray she always knows she has a friend in me.

You are a gem, Beks. Don’t ever squelch your voice. It is so unique. Let your heart shine, as I think God intended you to be just that way. And when you go to the next thing in your career, remember the lessons I learned the hard way. Remember your worth is not tied to how a boss, client or colleague sees you. Remember you have everything you’ve ever needed to do whatever the hell you choose. Remember your humor, wit, and creativity is a great asset.

I have many gifts in my life, but one of the greatest is Rebekah Bibee.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Talk soon, Eb

P.S. She also has a thigh tat I stan for. She gets me to do work I am too tired to do and she completes client deliverables when I ask her at the last minute because we have 101 things to finish. Merry Christmas, Beks.

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